8. Licenses

USINE:The USINE library makes use of the ROOT system and the fparser library. Both being distributed under the Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL 3), this probably makes USINE available under the same licence — Copyright © David Maurin (1999-2018)
USINE logo:Used with the author permission — Copyright © Francis Tousignant (2003)
ROOT CERN licence:
 The ROOT system is being made available under the LGPL 3, which allows ROOT to be used in a wide range of open and closed environments. The optional MathMore library uses the GSL library which is licensed under the GPL and hence the MathMore library is only available under the GPL.
fparser license:
 The fparser library is distributed under the LGPL 3 — Copyright © 2003-2011 Juha Nieminen, Joel Yliluoma