1. General information

1.1. Physics goal and ingredients

USINE is a library for Galactic cosmic-ray (GCR) propagation models, valid in the energy range \(\sim[10^{-2}-10^6]\) GeV/n. The library contains several semi-analytical propagation models previously used in the literature (Leaky-Box model, disc+halo 1D and 2D diffusion models) as well as several solar modulation models (e.g., Force-Field). Even though USINE is meant to evolve to describe all CR species, models in this version are restricted to nuclei and anti-nuclei.

Galactic cosmic-ray propagation requires many inputs, which are handled by as many classes in USINE, see Inside USINE (c++).

CR charts:Element properties and nuclear charts specific to CRs (i.e. stable or half-life of the order of the propagation time)
CR data:List of data points (energy, value, date, name of experiment, etc.)
Cross sections:Energy-dependent inelastic and production (straight-ahead or differential) cross sections on ISM elements
CR sources:Source spectra and spatial distribution of CR sources
ISM:Composition of the InterStellar Medium (elements, density, temperature, ionisation fraction)
CR transport:Coefficients for momentum and spatial diffusion, convection, reacceleration, energy losses
Models:CR propagation models to go from sources to interstellar fluxes
Modulation:Solar modulation models to propagate interstellar (IS) to top-of-atmosphere (TOA) fluxes

1.2. USINE versions & release notes

The USINE code is developed in C++ to benefit from object-oriented capabilities (overload, inheritance, etc.). It is interfaced with the ROOT CERN library for displays and minimisation routines, and with fparser to implement formulae with constants and parameters as simple text format.


The last public release is v3.5 – see Notes for V3.5 (July 2019). The instructions to retrieve and install USINE are in USINE download/install.

Public (released) versions
Future release
Previous (un-released) versions
  • v3.3 [2017/03] – On gitlab.in2p3, tutorial, more fit params (D. Maurin; contrib. from CRAC)
  • v3.2 [2017/01] – I/O (.root, .png, .txt) simplified, simple code testing (D. Maurin)
  • v3.1 [2015/12] – Spline enabled (implemented by A. Ghelfi, L. Derome)
  • v3.0 [2013/12] – Better C++/ROOT with FunctionParser and documentation (D. Maurin)
  • v2.0 [2004/10] – C++/ROOT version on svn (D. Maurin; contrib. from A. Putze & R. Taillet)
  • v1.0 [1999/10] – C version (D. Maurin; contributions from F. Donato, P. Salati, R. Taillet)

1.3. Publications and files

With v3.5
  • Boudaud, Génolini et al., submitted to PRL
  • Génolini, Boudaud et al., to appear in PRDinitialisation files, best-fit, and covariance matrix of best-fit parameters (from AMS-02 B/C analysis) for models BIG, SLIM, and QUAINT available here!
  • Derome, Maurin, Salati, Boudaud, Génolini, and Kunzé, to appear in A&A
With v3.4
With v2.0
With v1.0

1.4. Contact

For any question, please contact David Maurin (LPSC).